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What You Need To Know

The Famous Frequently Asked Questions...

Ceremony & Speeches Videos

Depending on the package you choose, we record the full ceremony as well as the speeches during the reception with high quality sound for you to look back on.

Why is this important?

Standing at the altar can be scary. During the whole ceremony most couples can only think of; "my feet are killing me!" and "I need a towel for my forehead!". When things get a little heated one tends to forget every word that is said. This is why we love giving couples the opportunity to re-live that important hour at home with some coffee and popcorn.

Raw Footage

Raw footage is basically EACH and EVERY single minute that is recorded. This includes rough shots and re-takes sometimes very weird angles or clips that are planned for post production. We sometimes end up with hundreds of clips to make the perfect video edit.

"Can we have the RAW footage?"

That is a non-negotiable NO... We do however have an option to compile all your unused footage in a edited, documentary style 20-30 min timeline video at an addtional fee

Cinematic Video

The highlights film includes the beautiful and creative pieces of the day with a suitable cinematic song in the background. We add as much of the day as we can and anything that is sentimental or special to the couple. 

"Do you capture EVERYTHING?"

We aim to include everything BUT if the package includes 7 hours, you have to make sure all the formalities you want is included in those 7 hours... This is why photographers and videographers ask for a timeline of the day to make sure we plan accordingly to capture the necessities. 

Timeline Video

The 20 - 25 min timeline video includes the "behind the scenes" footage that we usually capture while shooting for the cinematic video. With this video, you have a chance to hear what was said, chats, giggles and tears... Where we only include a fraction of the footage in the highlights video, here you can relive the "real-time" of moments during the day.

"Guest Photographers"

We are trained professionals but can have an extremely difficult time when lovely guests poke cellphones and tablets into every single available spot. There is nothing as HEART BREAKING as when we anticipate and try to capture the perfect moment and there is a row of cell phone and compact cameras blocking the way. We reccommend announcements before ceremonies to have guests put away their phones and enjoy the moment

WE CAN NOT take responsibility if guests interfere with videographers' or photographers' footage (eg: standing in front of cameras or blocking shots with mobile cameras or cellphones).

Bookings & Payment

A non-refundable booking fee of 30% is due to secure your date. The booking fee serves as admin, securing of the agreed date, time and services of the Videographer and is not refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation .

Full amount must be settled ten (10) working days before the wedding date.

Packages are subject to change at any time during the year. (Except when booking fee is paid and booking is secured.